PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 66 - Batarians Do Their Own Bullet Time

Graham, Chris, Tom Francis and podcast debutante Tom Senior gather to discuss the Steam charts, roBurky , Star Wars: The Old Republic, Call of Duty, The Witcher 2, Dishonored, Crysis 3, and more. We also find time to appreciate Drell fabulousness, pick apart the Valve employee handbook, get our real and fictional religions confused, and answer your questions. See below for show notes.

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Chris Thursten

Joining in 2011, Chris made his start with PC Gamer turning beautiful trees into magazines, first as a writer and later as deputy editor. Once PCG's reluctant MMO champion , his discovery of Dota 2 in 2012 led him to much darker, stranger places. In 2015, Chris became the editor of PC Gamer Pro, overseeing our online coverage of competitive gaming and esports. He left in 2017, and can be now found making games and recording the Crate & Crowbar podcast.