Crytek justify having aliens in Crysis 3

Crysis 3 5

Since the chunky mutants in Far Cry, Crytek have had a strange fixation with putting inhuman enemies in their shooters. The feedback from both players and reviews always seems to be in favour of more human combat, but the aliens from Crysis 1 and 2 are back in force in Crysis 3. I asked senior creative director Rasmus Højengaard, like, what the hell.

PCG: Something we hear a lot from our readers is that they enjoy fighting humans a lot more than they enjoy fighting aliens. Are you ever tempted to scrap the aliens?

Rasmus Højengaard: No. We don't wanna do that... the alien part has been defined more clearly [in Crysis 3]. And once you start understanding how they function as a race, and what they're doing there and how they communicate, all of a sudden there's much more context in shooting it. And that's when it becomes interesting.

Rasmus couldn't say whether you spend more time fighting aliens or humans in Crysis 3, but said both have a heavy presence in the game's domed-off jungly New York. You can see how the game's shaping up in the Crysis 3 trailer they released this week.