Payday 2 is free to play this weekend

After a tumultuous year for its studio, Payday 2 suddenly has some new DLC, and Overkill is holding a free weekend to celebrate the occasion. The Silk Road Update includes a new outfit system, and there's a new heist available for purchase as well, plus a pack that adds a selection of weapon optics to your arsenal.

The Border Crossing Heist spans two locations, one on either side of the US/Mexico border. The gang has decided to strike at their old rivals, Murkywater and the Dentist, and their smuggling operation. The heist can be played in both stealth and loud mode, and the DLC comes with two variants—Border Crossing and the smaller Border Crystal.

All players can now customize their outfits, which includes everything from the neck down. Payday 2 players have always been able to select creepy clown masks to wear during jobs, but now they can pick out the rest of their wardrobe too. The Silk Road update includes six outfits, and those range from a set of surgical scrubs to the more practical tactical BDU.

Through this weekend, you can play Payday 2 for free just by heading over to Steam and downloading the game. If you decide you'd like to stick around, you can buy the base game at a 50 percent discount as well. The sale and free weekend wrap up November 11.