Payday 2 getting a year of updates, female characters possibly in the works

In a recent interview with OXM , Payday 2 's director David Goldfarb promised a year's worth of updates for Overkill's bank heist simulator, one of which Goldfarb hopes adds female characters.

"One of the first things I have on my list is to make sure we get a female character,” Goldfarb told OXM . "I'm hoping—I don't know if we'll get it as our first DLC, because we'd have to redo all the animations so it doesn't look like a dude walking around with a female body.”

Other than that, Goldfarb didn't really say what other DLC might be in the works for Payday 2, though I suspect new maps, weapons or gear are probably in the works. But, considering the game itself came out just yesterday, it's hard to imagine us seeing anything noteworthy in the near future.

We liked what we saw of Payday 2 in our hands-on look at it last month, though we found the weapon handling to be a little off. We'll have more to say about what we think of the game in our upcoming review.