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Update: PAX Australia 2021 has kicked off, and you can check out the full schedule here. In addition to the highlights below, I'd recommend checking out PAX Radio throughout the weekend, which collects together a range of Australian gaming podcasts for some easy weekend listening.

Original story:

PAX Australia 2021 was canceled in August due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and with the benefit of hindsight it was a good move: large parts of Australia, including Melbourne, are still subject to strict lockdown measures. But the show will go on, albeit in an online capacity, with a series of online presentations and livestreams kicking off later this week, starting Friday October 8.

The schedule is live now with three days worth of events to check out. Importantly, this all costs you nothing: all you need to do is register as an attendee here and you'll get full access to the Twitch streams, Discord channel and the virtual Expo Hall.

There's quite a bit to sink your teeth into: the first event is a keynote of sorts by Innersloth, the team behind Among Us. Zenimax Online Studios will be present to talk about The Elder Scrolls Online in a panel about world-building for MMOs. The Rainbow Six Oceanic Nationals playoffs will take place on the Saturday arvo and Sunday, and Deathloop game director Dinga Bakaba will get an hour-long interview on Saturday evening.

The schedule hits most areas of interest: tabletop gaming is well represented as usual, and there's quite a bit for speedrunning fans and budding streamers. You can browse the whole schedule on the PAX Online Australia website

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