How to get sulphur in Palworld

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So you've acquired your very first gun in Palworld, but now you've got to worry about finding sulphur so you craft more bullets. Blasting away at Syndicate Thugs and every new Pal you spy depletes your ammo reserves at an alarming rate, after all. There are multiple ways to get more bullets in Palworld, from defeating gun-toting human enemies, to finding them on the ground while out exploring.

However, the most reliable method is crafting it yourself using gunpowder which requires charcoal and—you guessed it—sulphur. Finding yourself a nice little sulphur farm will be a key step in upgrading your arsenal and making sure you have enough ammo to keep waging your Pal-based war. Here's where to find sulphur in Palword, plus the best farming spot that I've discovered so far.

Where to find sulphur in Palworld

You can commonly find sulphur in the volcanic areas of the islands, specifically around Mount Obsidian and the little volcanic island to the east of Verdant Grove— it's easy to recognise these rocks due to their yellow-ish colour. Getting to Mount Obsidian is pretty straightforward; you keep heading west from the Windswept Hills until you find an island with a giant volcano.

It's much easier to get around Mount Obsidian with a flying Palworld mount, especially as it allows you to reach the higher up points where some of the best ore and sulphur farms are located. Generally, you'll find more sulphur nodes around the big lava pool areas. That said, there are some near the beaches that circle the entire island if you're looking for something easier to access.

The best way to farm sulphur in Palworld

The best Palworld sulphur farm that I've found is right in the centre of Mount Obsidian next to the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre. You'll need a flying mount to get here and unlock the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance fast travel, but once you do, this farm is incredibly easy to access. 

Just teleport to the fast travel point and turn around to immediately find eight Sulphur nodes that you can mine. Since these are right next to the fast travel point, it's easy to grab all you need, though as always I recommend having Cattiva in your party to stack that passive carry capacity buff they provide. Since sulphur respawns after a while like any other mining node, you can fast travel back here later if you ever need more. 


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