Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is out next week; here's a trailer

Overlord Fellowship of Evil

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil (opens in new tab) is a top-down, four-player co-op action RPG set in the Overlord universe, and developublisher Codemasters is hoping that someone, somewhere is up for that. We mentioned it back in April (opens in new tab) at the time of its reveal, and now, after a period of months, FoE is nearly out. Funny how that happens. The October 20 release date—AKA next Tuesday—has been revealed in a new trailer that riffs on those old Ministry of Information films your great-grandparents might conceivably have watched. Here 'tis.

'Minionstry of Information'. Cute. There's footage in there buried under all the fake propaganda, and while Fellowship of Evil is obviously a wildly different game to its predecessors, the spin-off looks like it's retained the black humour of the previous games. (That might be because Rhianna Pratchett has returned to write words for it.) There are four playable characters here, rather than the sole Overlord of the first two games, each with their own colour scheme, backstory and abilities.

I'm bagsying the little guy with the big axe—how about you?

Tom Sykes

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