One lucky Barbarian finds unique Diablo 4 gloves that are 'like playing my own slot machine'

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There are a lot of unique pieces of Diablo 4 gear, many of which have helpful legendary aspects and stats to juice up your build. Except for this unique pair of gloves that runs entirely on luck.

The Fists of Fate are a high-level set of sacred item gloves that don't have any of the usual stat boosts on them, like strength or intelligence. Instead, they have four effects that rely on Lucky Hits and a Legendary aspect that will randomly make your attacks either pathetic or godlike by doing between 1% and 280% of their usual damage. Are you feeling lucky?

"It's like playing my own slot machine with [the Barbarian's Frenzy skill] on every hit," Reddit user Mcsebbymeal wrote, sharing the gloves they found in one of Diablo 4's higher difficulty levels.

They might even be worse than a slot machine. These gloves have two levels of RNG happening because the Lucky Hit stat in Diablo 4 requires two successful 'dice rolls' to do anything. First, a skill has to have the ability to trigger a Lucky Hit, which is often a very low percentage chance per use. Then, when it successfully lands a Lucky Hit, you have to successfully roll again for one of your Lucky Hit effects to go off.

Mcsebbymeal would need some incredible luck, or a Barbarian build that stacks multi-hit skills, to rely on the bonuses from these gloves. They only have a 5% chance to heal or restore their primary resource and around a 15% chance to immobilize or daze enemies—and remember, that's after landing a Lucky Hit attack in the first place.

The Fists of Fate truly run on hope, as their item description says: "Will you let fear cheat you, or will you risk everything to find understanding? After all, death is simply the coin with which we purchase life."

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In an RPG about whacking enemies for a chance at rare loot, I don't think you could design a better joke item… that probably won't stay a joke. Someone will center their entire build around it. One commenter suggested a unique headpiece that gives them a 19% chance to get a Lucky Hit on crowd-controlled enemies to use with it and some class skill trees let you boost that number even more.

You won't see items like these until you've finished Diablo 4's campaign and you've completed the capstone dungeon to increase the world tier difficulty setting. There are a set amount of unique items you can find in world tiers 3 and 4. Their powerful attributes combine with your Paragon points to fuel some of the game's best builds. I fully expect to see someone showing how they solo killed Ashava with a full RNG build in a week.

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