Diablo 4 gems guide: How to unlock the Jeweler

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Your Diablo 4 gems are one of the easiest ways to alter your stats, resistances, and gear, as you slot jewels into weapons and armor to provide different bonuses. You'll soon be sick to the teeth of jewels as they drop from yet another horde of enemies you eviscerated and you have to dutifully cart them back to your storage for use later. Luckily, storing them won't be a problem for much longer.

Once you unlock the Jeweler, you can add gem slots to your armor and gear, and slot any of the gems you've acquired into each gear piece for a specific bonus, which changes depending on what type of item it is. Here's how to unlock the Jeweler, craft gems, as well as a full list of the gem types you can get, along with their bonuses.

How to craft gems

The Jeweler becomes available at level 20 and can be found in most towns and hubs. You'll get a priority quest to meet the Jeweler in Kyovashad, where you'll learn the basics of crafting gems, which require lower-quality gems and gold to make. Because of this, it's worthwhile holding onto the Crude and Chipped gems that you pick up while leveling as they'll be needed to craft better versions of themselves later on. 

Equally as important, the jeweler allows you to add sockets to gear, and they'll also unsocket gems from gear if you want to place them somewhere else or slot a different gem in their place. It's worth noting that when you dismantle a piece of gear, any gems inside will be returned to your inventory so you can use them again.

The jeweler is also where you can upgrade your rings and amulets, adding five power to them up to five times the same way you would at the Blacksmith, as well as improving their stat boosts and affixes.

Diablo 4 gem list

Gems offer different bonuses. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Each type of gem offers three different bonuses, but only one will be active, depending on the gear you insert it into. The bonus will also increase as you craft better-quality gems.

Here are the bonuses for each piece of gear based on gem type:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Amethyst5% damage over time5% damage over time reduction14.3% shadow resistance
Amethyst6% damage over time6% damage over time reduction16.9% shadow resistance
Flawless Amethyst7% damage over time7% damage over time reduction19.6% shadow resistance
Royal Amethyst8% damage over time8% damage over time reduction22.1% shadow resistance
Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Emerald7.5% critical damage against vulnerable28 thorns14.3% poison resistance
Emerald9% critical damage against vulnerable70 thorns16.9% poison resistance
Flawless Emerald10.5% critical damage against vulnerable150 thorns19.6% poison resistance
Royal Emerald12% critical damage against vulnerable250 thorns22.1% poison resistance
Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Ruby15% overpower damage2.5% max life14.3% fire resistance
Ruby18% overpower damage3% max life16.9% fire resistance
Flawless Ruby21% overpower damage3.5% max life19.6% fire resistance
Royal Ruby24% overpower damage4% max life22.1% fire resistance
Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Topaz12.5% basic skill damage7% damage reduction while control impaired14.3% lightning resistance
Topaz15% basic skill damage8% damage reduction while control impaired16.9% lightning resistance
Flawless Topaz17.5% basic skill damage9% damage reduction while control impaired19.6% lightning resistance
Royal Topaz20% basic skill damage10% damage reduction while control impaired22.1% lightning resistance
Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Sapphire7.5% critical damage against crowd controlled1.5% damage reduction while fortified14.3% cold resistance
Sapphire9% critical damage against crowd controlled2% damage reduction while fortified16.9% cold resistance
Flawless Sapphire10.5% critical damage against crowd controlled2.5% damage reduction while fortified19.6% cold resistance
Royal Sapphire12% critical damage against crowd controlled3% damage reduction while fortified22.1% cold resistance
Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Diamond9% ultimate damage3.5% barrier generation5% element resistance
Diamond11% ultimate damage4% barrier generation6% element resistance
Flawless Diamond13% ultimate damage4.5% barrier generation7% element resistance
Royal Diamond15% ultimate damage5% barrier generation8% element resistance
Swipe to scroll horizontally
GemWeapon effectArmor effectJewelry effect
Chipped Skull5 life on kill3.5% healing received125 armor
Skull8 life on kill4% healing received170 armor
Flawless Skull12 life on kill4.5% healing received225 armor
Royal Skull24 life on kill5% healing received250 armor

It's worth noting that while you can craft Flawless Gems, they drop all the time as loot once you reach level 60. When you get to level 70, you'll also be able to craft Royal Gems using three of each type of Flawless Gem, which will provide the greatest stat buff to your character.

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