Now Playing Live! Elite: Dangerous livestream from 3PM BST

As we announced yesterday , we'll shortly be taking to space to blow each other to pieces in the Elite: Dangerous beta. Expect dogfights, chases, and cameo appearances from the game's developers. The stream begins at 3PM BST and will run for a maximum of two hours.

The setup is this. Andy Kelly is flying an Anaconda, the game's most powerful ship. In his cargo hold are five bars of gold. The first person to snatch a piece of that gold and return it to the pirate haven of Freeport is our winner. If you're blown up, you're out, and if all of us die—or if nobody can best him after two hours—Andy wins. The PC Gamer team are all flying our own, mostly low-level ships. To have a chance at taking down the Anaconda, we'll need to work together—but when the dust settles there can only be one winner.

The developers, Frontier, are the wildcard. They're free to involve themselves however they wish: to assist Andy, simply swing by to chat, or to compete for the bounty themselves. All we know about Andy is his route. Every player will have this printed out and pinned next to our monitor, allowing to track him as he races from destination to destination.

On the main PC Gamer stream, embedded below, you can watch the action from Tom's perspective. He's relatively new to Elite, but he's in a position to answer questions and he's likely to be in the middle of any uneasy alliances that form at the beginning of the hunt. He's flying a Sidewinder, which he has decided to call 'Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch'.

Watch live video from PCGamer on Twitch

You can also follow Andy and the other hunters on their own streams. Their details are as follows:

You can also use a dual streaming site to watch multiple POVs at once. To watch Andy and Tom, for example, you'd go here . If you're REALLY lucky, you'll get to hear all of the hammering and drilling that somebody has seemingly decided to do in the office today. See you at 3PM.

Chris Thursten

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