No Man's Sky developer confirms PS4 "debut," hopes to come to PC

No Man's Sky sounded pretty fantastic when we first heard about it in late 2013 , and our E3 preview was very exciting too. But a PC release has never actually been confirmed, and speaking to Eurogamer , Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray refused to commit to it one way or the other.

The No Man's Sky website currently lists launch platforms as "to be announced," and Murray wasn't much more forthcoming. "The wording is we're doing a console debut on PS4," he said. "The thing that that leaves open is a PC version."

But then it gets a bit dicier. When asked if a PC edition could launch alongside the PS4 release, or even before it, he continued, "If I'm honest, we're taking on quite a lot at the moment. We're definitely coming to the PS4. I would like to come to PC. Whether that arrives the same day—we're a small team!"

It's a very vague response, the sort of thing that could be taken as either a reluctance to say no or a desire to give us all a happy surprise at some point down the road. There's no question that it should come to the PC, and the fact that Murray wants it to happen is heartening, but the absence of a definite "yes" has me expecting it'll be "no." Either way, the bottom line is this: No Man's Sky looks very cool, and you might have to play it on a console.

Andy Chalk

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