Hello Games announce No Man's Sky, a stunning procedural sci-fi adventure

No Man's Sky was revealed on Saturday during the carnival of awfulness that is the Spike VGAs/VGX, and in its two minutes of real-time footage it put every other cinematic/teaser/tech showcase trailer displayed there to shame. It's Hello Games' extraordinary follow-up to their Joe Danger series: a procedurally generated sci-fi adventure featuring planet-based and underwater exploration, spaceships, sandworms, dogfighting and - making ten-year-old me ecstatically happy - the ability to fly straight through the atmosphere and into outer space. It's the most inspiring game-related video I think I've seen all year, and it's awaiting your soon-to-be-widened eyes after the break.

Wow. I'm most excited by the focus on exploration: "every planet unique, every planet unexplored" boasts the trailer. Also: every planet may contain sharks. No Man's Sky takes place in a shared, procedurally generated universe - you can hear more about that from Hello Games' Sean Murray in the following video, if you can make it past the cringeworthy opening.

Tom Sykes

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