Ninja is hosting a 12-hour New Year's Eve livestream from Times Square

Exceedingly popular streamer Ninja announced today that he has partnered with Red Bull to livestream for 12 hours on New Year's Eve, as reported by Variety.

The stream will start at 4 pm Eastern on New Year's Eve and run to 4 am. Ninja won't just be playing games by himself—that's one way to celebrate the new year, and if we're being honest, probably how I will, but aside from guests who'll be showing up on stream, there'll be an enormous crowd below him in Times Square to watch the ball drop. And the loot drops, ehhh?

Earlier this year, we talked to Ninja about his rapid rise to fame, which has reached a new height with this announcement. I'm not a big Ninja viewer, but if I had to choose between his New Year's Eve stream and watching Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy on ABC, I'd pick the Fortnite man.

Judging by the ad below, the event's going to be called Fortnite X Ninja: New Years '19.

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Tyler Wilde
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