Nier: Automata is finally getting a fix on Steam

2B, a playable character from Nier: Automata
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Over four years after release, Square Enix is finally sorting out its shoddy PC port for Nier: Automata. The incredibly vague announcement was made over on Nier's Twitter account, which says that the upgrade patch is "currently in development." 

The game has been in a pretty battered state on PC since it released in 2017, with poor ultrawide support, awkward keyboard-and-mouse controls, locked framerate, and issues with stuttering and crashing. 

Outside of a small patch that fixed an initial problem with AMD cards, a major update was never released—though a mod eventually came along that fixed the issues. It's a real shame, because the game is incredible—our favourite action game of 2017—but the lack of an official fix is incredibly disappointing. 

The Steam port came under fire again recently when it appeared that the Xbox Game Pass for PC version had fixed a lot of the problems—though a Digital Foundry video later discovered that the port was still pretty broken. It didn't stop people from review bombing the game on Steam, though, demanding a version that was up to scratch with what Xbox was offering.

At least now there's a light at the end of the long tunnel. There's no estimation for when the patch is releasing, but it's nice to know that Square is finally pulling its finger out and getting the port fixed. 

Mollie Taylor
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