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Steam Page
Released: July 17
Developer: Grip Digital, Terrible Posture Games
Publisher: Grip Digital
Price: $24.99

Mothergunship is a first-person shooter rogue-lite by the creators of Tower of Guns. Like that earlier game, you’ll blaze through randomised levels, shooting at all manner of robots and turrets in order to reach the end. The graphics are much improved over that spiritual predecessor, and the movement and gunplay is well-honed and satisfying. It’s definitely a reflex-oriented shooter, evidenced by its triple-jump (which can be upgraded to even more!) and the often cavernous, arena-style nature of the levels. On top of all that, you’ll be crafting your own weapons as well, and it’s a surprisingly intuitive and creative endeavour. As far as indie FPS rogue-lites go, this is probably the most exciting I’ve played for a while.


Steam Page
Released: July 18
Developer: Reinkout Games
Publisher: Team17
Price: $14.99

Mugsters is a physics-oriented sandbox puzzler with a stunning top-down cartoon aesthetic. Following an alien invasion, you’re responsible for freeing other human prisoners, but typically enough you’ll need to fight for your own survival too. The way you’ll go about this is up to you: the worlds are strewn with traps, obstacles, vehicles and all manner of other stuff that can be experimented with. The game supports two-player cooperative play, and the regular campaign missions are slightly tweaked to accommodate it. It does apparently get pretty challenging, but it’s so colourful and fluid that it’s probably worth the hard work. 


Steam Page
Released: July 17
Developer: KO_OP
Publisher: Double Fine Presents
Price: $9.99

GNOG is a puzzle game too, and the Steam description puts it better than I possibly could: it’s “a tactile 3D puzzle game about exploring whimsical monster heads and the secret worlds inside them”. Exploring whimsical monster heads! There’s a game for everyone. Crucially, this game can be played both on-screen and in VR, and it looks like it’d come to life using motion controllers. You’ll want to feel like you’re really reaching into those monster heads. This is getting great reviews from the media and Steam users alike, so it’s probably worth having a look if Mugsters sounds too intense for you. 


Steam Page
Released: July 19
Developer: Driving Force Games
Publisher: Playdius, Plug in Digital
Price: $12.99

It’s lazy to compare every non-violent first-person game to Portal, but Impulsion looks undeniably like a platforming take on that formula. You’ll wield two weapons, with one shooting red force fields and the other blue. Red slows you down, and blue speeds you up. There are also colour-coded trigger points strewn throughout the map, which you’ll need to hit while you bolt through the obstacle course levels. There’s a story-driven campaign mode, a leaderboard-driven competitive mode and plenty of encouragement to speedrun the game once you’ve played through once. People often gripe about first-person platforming, but as a fan of Titanfall and Deadcore I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

Guts and Glory 

Steam Page
Released: July 20
Developer: HakJak Productions
Publisher: tinyBuild
Price: $14.99

It’s not much to look at, but this racer freshly out of Early Access has already garnered a significant cult following, and once you’ve heard the pitch it’s easy to understand why. You’ll compete in a gruesome game show tasking “ordinary people” to race through increasingly dangerous obstacle courses. And they’re not dangerous thanks to pot holes or dips: huge tree logs and spiked poles will barrel through the air in your direction, and, uh, the devs promise “a game full of LOLs and WTFs and OMGs”. Sure, it’s clearly a game made with certain zany streamers in mind, but if you’re into dumb physics and going fast, you’ll probably get something out of it.

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