Five new Steam games you probably missed this week


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Released: May 24
Developer: Redbeet Interactive
Publisher: Axolot Games
Price: $19.99

Raft is a first-person survival game with a pretty diabolical twist: you’re stuck on a crappy old raft in the middle of the ocean. You start with a single, miserable plastic hook, and with this hook you’ll hopefully gather the resources you’ll need to survive on the open seas and, if you’re especially adept, build a liveable structure. Better still, you can do all this with friends, as the game supports online cooperative play. You’ll explore the deep oceans and there are even islands to explore. The game has amassed over 2,000 reviews since it launched on Early Access last week, and it’s currently sitting on a Very Positive rating. The studio is keeping its release schedule “fairly flexible”, but many of the game's “core mechanics and features” are already there. 

Unforeseen Incidents 

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Released: May 24
Developer: Backwoods Entertainment
Publisher: Application Systems Heidelberg
Price: $19.99

Unforeseen Incidents is a point-and-click adventure mystery with an intricate, hand-painted art style. You play as handyman Harper Pendrell, who for some reason stands as the only person qualified to investigate the source of a deadly and mysterious disease. “A perilous journey awaits, and every step brings Harper closer to a cabal of dangerous fanatics,” reads the Steam description. “Before he knows it, he finds himself in a fight for the future of humankind armed only with his trusty multi-tool.” Almost definitely worth taking a look if you’re into point-and-click adventures or interactive novels.

Egypt: Old Kingdom 

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Released: May 25
Developer: Clarus Victoria
Publisher: Clarus Victoria
Price: $14.99

A grand strategy set between 3500-2140 BC, Egypt: Old Kingdom has you playing as an incarnation of Horus, working to protect the lands of Ancient Egypt from all manner of disasters. Naturally, you’ll be orchestrating the construction of the pyramids too, working to find the right resources and manpower and finally, actually designing the things. But it’s not all glory: you’ll need to work to keep workers happy, and you’ll have to make gruelling political decisions. “Win wars and overcome crises, discover new technologies, worship your gods and conquer neighboring tribes,” reads the description. “Are you wise enough to help the ancient kings to unify Lower and Upper Egypt, build a stable economy and to erect the Great Pyramids?” I’m not, but this looks like fun.


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Released: May 22
Developer: ansdor
Publisher: ansdor
Price: $9.99

Following the release of Horizon Chase Turbo last week comes Slipstream, a retro racing game that genuinely looks like it could have released in the ‘90s. The video above says enough really, but Slipstream appears to use sprites and is a “psuedo-3D” game, which means 2D graphics have been manipulated to look three-dimensional. There are 20 tracks, three game modes including Arcade, Quick Race and Gran Prix, as well as five car models. While not in the game presently, studio Ansdor plans to bring four-player local competiive play, as well as a track editor. If you’re desperate to retreat to the past via an arcade racer, this looks pretty good.

Siralim 3 

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Released: May 26
Developer: Thylacine Studios
Publisher: Thylacine Studios LLC
Price: $14.99

This is the third instalment in the popular Siralim series, which serves up a mechanically intricate monster-collecting RPG in the vein of the ye olde Pokemon games. There are 700 different monsters to collect, breed and set against your foes, and all the dungeons are procedurally generated with 15 different styles. According to the creators at Thylacine Studios, this game has infinite replayability and you’ll likely still be discovering things past the 100-hour mark. Like previous Siralim games before it, this third instalment has launched into Early Access but will only likely stay there for a few months while the studio polishes and doubles down on post-game content.

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