Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Objects in Space 

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Released: June 21
Developer: Flat Earth Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Price: $19.99

Objects in Space is a complex space trading game set in an open world, with a focus on stealth and careful planning. If you yearn for ‘90s simulator games with brick-thick instruction manuals, this is definitely worth investigating, with a steely, retro-futuristic aesthetic that’s both lonely and immersive (and beautiful, I should add). According to studio Flat Earth Games, the ship combat in this game is “treated more like Cold War submarines than WWII dogfighters. You’ll be running silent, planning manoeuvres far ahead of time and engaging in deadly games of cat-and-mouse with nebulous enemies.” The game’s in Early Access, with “about two thirds” of the narrative material intact at the moment. It’ll stay in Early Access for around two to five months.


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Released: June 19
Developer: Storybird Games
Publisher: PQube Limited, Look At My Game
Price: $14.99

Here’s a retro-styled 2D RPG platformer heavily inspired by Wonder Boy in Monster World. So heavily inspired, that studio Storybird Games mentions that ‘90s classic in its description. The sprite work definitely recalls ye olde ‘90s Sega games, but the studio has sensibly updated the gameplay so that it won’t feel archaic. I personally can’t get enough of these classic-styled games, but it’s true there’s a tonne of them releasing every single week. This stands out, though. It looks fluid and vibrant and the bosses are massive.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 

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Released: June 23
Developer: LLC Blini Games
Publisher: LLC Blini Games
Price: $12.99

Here’s a top-down pixel-styled action RPG, and unsurprisingly, it has rogue-like elements. Equally of no surprise is that it’s inspired by Lovecraft (it’s in the title!). But instead of going irreparably insane at the sight of unthinkable monstrosities, you’ll be killing stuff instead. There are five different playable characters, the levels are procedurally generated, and rest assured, madness does play a part in Untold Stories: you’ll need to balance your character’s power with their sanity. While it’s in Early Access, the core of the gameplay is already there, and it’ll likely launch into 1.0 within three to four months.

 Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles 

Steam Page
Released: June 20
Developer: Anima Project
Publisher: BadLand Publishing
Price: $19.99

This is the second instalment in a series of third-person action RPGs based on the Anima: Beyond Fantasy table-top book. There’s the usual character customisation, with skill unlocks and different varieties of attack (magic, melee etc). But it’s the combat itself that looks most appealing, coming across as something akin to Devil May Cry. The game reportedly boasts “dozens of unique weapons” and the “huge” world can be explored at will. It’s probably not going to compete with the triple-A heavyhitters, but for $20 this looks like a pretty fun jaunt, all the more if you’re into the Anima world.

Artillery Cats 

Steam Page
Released: June 20
Developer: Christopher Wagner
Publisher: Christopher Wagner
Price: Free

It’s Bomberman, except instead of playing as men who specialise in bombing things, you’re playing as cats who specialise in artillery. And I don’t even need to try selling it to you, because it’s free: it can’t be sold. It supports between two to eight players, has a bunch of unique cats with their own special skills, four maps and different versions of maps depending on how many players are involved. There will be cat DLC, too. Did I mention this cat game is free?  

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