Five new Steam games you probably missed this week


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Released: June 1
Developer: Anton Riot and Co
Publisher: Bitbox Ltd.
Price: $19.99

Disdoored is a beautiful plasticine-styled survival game played from an isometric perspective. And when I write “plasticine-styled”, it doesn’t mean the studio is mimicking a plasticine aesthetic: the game’s graphics are entirely comprised of stop motion plasticine animations, as well as plasticine-sculpted environments. So it barely matters what it is you actually do in this Early Access title, as looking at it is fun enough. But here it is anyway: in procedurally generated worlds you’ll build a base, farm and defenses. You’ll raid “mysterious doors” for loot in order to please Lily, which is a carnivorous plant you must keep happy. The game is both single- and multiplayer, and studio Anton Riot and Co expect it to leave Early Access in less than year. 

Witch Hunt 

Steam Page
Released: June 2
Developer: Andrii Vintsevych
Publisher: Andrii Vintsevych
Price: $9.99

Witch Hunt is a horror game which, as the name implies, tasks the player with hunting witches. It’s your responsibility to clear out the woods near a town called Belville, and you’ll need to do so using your own smarts: the developer Andrii Vintsevych promises that not only is there “no hand holding”, but that the game “requires patience and perseverance”, warning players who lack these qualities not to bother. It’s in Early Access but is playable from start to finish, with stuff like balance, level design and other optimizations planned for the pre-release period. There are light RPG elements as well as a “financial system”, but it’s the game's eerie atmosphere that will probably win folk over. The Steam reviews so far have been “very positive”.  


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Released: June 1
Developer: Italo Games
Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment
Price: $12.99

Here’s a pixel-art styled action game themed around 1970s Italian crime movies. At first glance it looks like it takes its cues from Hotline Miami, but it appears to be more story focused, more set-piece driven and, perhaps, less precision-oriented. You play as former prisoner Piero, who’s looking to exact revenge over “the man who framed him”. So you’ll be looking for him throughout pixel-style Milan, while also seeking to avoid being killed by someone who, uh, wants you dead. The game supports two-player local cooperative play and there’s an arena mode for when you’ve finished the story but want to keep shooting. 

Football Tactics & Glory 

Steam Page
Released: June 1
Developer: Creoteam
Publisher: Creoteam
Price: $19.99

If castles, mysterious forests, elves and trolls etc are too outlandish for you, why not try a turn-based strategy RPG set on a football field instead? That’s what Football Tactics & Glory is, melding the management aspects of Football Manager with turn-based tactical play. You’ll develop your own club and tinker with and bolster its cash reserve, but the Steam page claims that this game skips “those endless tables, numbers, routine and micromanagement” aspects which form the core of other football management sims. It’s an interesting blending of genres and its been very well received since it launched for Early Access a while back. It’s now launched into feature-complete 1.0, so if it sounds like your thing, now’s the time to try it.


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Released: May 30
Developer: Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games Inc.
Publisher: Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games Inc.
Price: $14.99

Here’s a new tough-as-nails, combat-centric 2D Metroidvania in the vein of stuff like Dead Cells. It has an ominous monochrome art style, though it appears to offer up enough variety to sustain its exploration focus. Combat looks fast and tactical, with a focus on defense, stamina management and i-frame driven dodge rolls. Oh, and you can’t jump: if you want to go up you’ll need to use a ladder. There are a few inevitable mentions of the Dark Souls series in the reviews section of Steam, where it’s currently sitting on a “very positive” rating.

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