Nelson Brodela leads the Broforce onto Greenlight


What is the Broforce ? No, it's not the name of a Call of Duty team—it's actually a collection of the greatest bros of the '90s working together under the watchful eye of "the ultimate bro": Nelson Brodela. It also happens to be the name of a game by South African indie developer Free Lives .

Imagine a game that combines the sidescrolling action in Contra with the destructible environments of Worms and the cave exploration of Spelunky. Add in a little blood, just a hint—maybe a big hint—of gore, some explosions and you've got Broforce.

The Brominator featured in the video above is just the latest addition to the growing roster of playable bros that make up the Broforce. He's joining a squad straight out of the 90's filled with classic bros like Rambro, Brohard, McBrover and BroWalker. Wield iconic weapons such as Rambo's 50 cal machine gun and the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black while throwing copious amounts of dynamite at everything with reckless abandon. Yes—if you shoot a wall you'll be showered in a flurry of brown pixel dirt. Better yet, shoot an enemy and he'll explode in a shower of red pixel blood.

Sometimes big things come in small packages.

Sometimes big things come in small packages.

Nelson Brodela needs your help to defeat Satan-in-a-Business-Suit. Jump into the playable " brototype " right now.

Expect the full Broforce to land sometime in mid to late 2013. Find Broforce's Greenlight page here .