My Time At Portia celebrates Chinese Valentine's Day with romance update

My Time At Portia
(Image credit: Pathea Games)

My Time At Portia, the colorful crafting adventure game, has released what it calls the Romance Update in celebration of China's Qixi Festival. For what the developers call "Valentine's day in China," the game is getting additional side missions for a few different characters.

Romance isn't new to the small island of Portia. Players have long been able to woo and date characters while on a mission to run the best workshop in town. Reaching a certain heart level with datable characters by interacting with them or giving them gifts allows you to go on a cute date event with that character. You can take your beau for a chat by the sea, a soak in the hot springs, or stargazing, among other activities that you'd expect from a laid-back and pastel island. 

Side missions for other romanceable characters include special events and quests specifically related to that character. With these new side missions for Nora, Oaks, McDonald, Albert and Sonia, developer Pathea says you can unlock "new NPC shops, a relationship between NPCs and the opportunity to build your relationship with NPCs too!"

This update also fixes a number of bugs, which Pathea lists in its news post about the update.

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