Ms. Splosion Man coming to PC?

Word reaches us from RPS that Twisted Pixel's upcoming Xbox Live title, Ms. Splosion Man may be on its way to PC. RPS say that it appeared very briefly as a listing on Steam, but was swiftly pulled and replaced with the less explosive “ValveTestApp105420.”

Ms. Splosion Man is a platformer in which you get around by blowing yourself up. Nearby enemies are eradicated by the explosions and the percussive force of each blast can propel you to otherwise unreachable ledges. The follow up to Splosion Man will now let you fire your exploding character out of exploding cannons to maximise the amount of explosions you'll be causing per second. Unlike the first game, there will be levels set outside of the laboratory in which Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man were created.

Twisted Pixel's first release, The Maw , was released on the PC along with Microsoft's big black box, since then their games have only been released via Xbox Live. It would be great to see Twisted Pixel return to releasing on the PC, and Ms. Splosion Man could be a good way to return to the fold.


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