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Sapphiron Ore is another material that you use to make new fancy weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Every old and new region now has master rank materials to offer, but it takes a little while to get your bearings as you run around frantically picking up bones and mining the hell out of anything vaguely outcrop shaped.

That said, this ore variant is actually pretty simple to get, unlike some of the other materials you're likely to be searching for. In this guide, I'll explain which region you need to head to and the speediest way to locate lots of mining outcrops to farm for it.

Sunbreak Sapphiron Ore: How to get it 

You can get Sapphiron Ore from mining outcrops in the Jungle. After you defeat the Daimyo Hermitaur in the Shrine Ruins at the start of Sunbreak, you'll be sent to Elgado Outpost and be given another mission in the new Jungle region. Once you start, all you have to do is find a mining outcrop, and luckily the Jungle is by far the easiest of the two new regions in terms of mining.  

Head along the beach from the starting camp to the point marked in the screen above and immediately turn right into the cave. Follow the tunnel to find three mining outcrops you can quickly grab to get loads of Sapphiron Ore. There are others located around the map, too, so be sure to have yourself a little exploration. 

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