How to get the new Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Conquer Elgado with these Sunbreak guides

Sunbreak monster Malzeno

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Wondering how to unlock all of the new Sunbreak Switch Skills in Monster Hunter: Rise? Though it's always exciting to get fresh locations and all sorts of deadly monsters to wrangle with, Sunbreak also adds more ways to play. The new Switch Skills are the perfect example. Along with wirebugs, these powerful abilities add heaps of versatility to your chosen weapon and playstyle, letting you counter charging monsters with Silkbind, or launch yourself into the air to deal damage.

Sunbreak adds new skills for every weapon in the game, but it isn't immediately obvious how you actually get them. To unlock the best switch skills in the base game you had to complete specific quests for Master Utsushi. Luckily, things are a lot simpler this time around. Here's how to get all the new switch skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Sunbreak Switch Skills: How to get them 

Very early on in the story for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, after you head to Elgado for the first time, Master Utsushi will turn up and offer to teach you some new abilities. The most important of these is the Switch Skill Swap, letting you alternate between two separate Switch Skill loadouts. You'll also get a load of new skills to try for each weapon. However, it won't be all of them.

Many of the best new Switch skills aren't available until you reach Master Rank 4, such as the insect glaive ability to hurl the kinsect as a projectile at monsters. During MR 4, you'll be sent back to Kamura to speak to Merchant Kage as part of the main story, inquiring after his friend Doctor Tadori. You'll be told that Utsushi wants to speak with you and he'll give you the remaining Switch Skills for free. Apart from progressing the main story, the great news is that there are no quests required to unlock them this time around.

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