Mojang is letting players decide Minecraft's newest mob

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Mojang has announced that it will be adding a brand new mob type into the blocky world of Minecraft. The company has created three new quirky creatures that are in the running, but the ultimate choice of which one will be let loose is up to the fans.

Players will be able to cast their vote during Minecraft Live's livestream event taking place this weekend on October 3. As the livestream is on, there will be a voting poll over on Minecraft's official twitter account where you'll be able to cast your vote.

These voting polls are becoming pretty common for Mojang. Players were able to vote on a new biome at last year's Minecraft Live, and fans also voted on the new undead Phantom mob during Minecon Earth in 2017. Thankfully, there are no creepy, undead mobs in this newest poll, and the curious creatures that are up for deliberation this time are the Iceologer, Moobloom, and Glow Squid.

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Iceologer: The new Illager type is a hostile mob called the Iceologer that will reside in Minecraft's snowy mountain biomes. If you discover one of their patrols and get too close, they hurl flying ice clouds at you. It's as if Mojang didn't think mountain terrains were difficult enough.

Moobloom: Now this is my type of mob. The Moobloom is described as a "gentle creature" that has yellow flowers growing out of its back. They seem to be similar to the average Minecraft cow but can also interact with bees, which is super cute. 

Glow Squid: The Glow Squid is a chill mob that may look a little scary but won't attack you. Mojang says that it looks best in areas with dark bodies of water because of its luminescent skin, so get your diving gear on for some spectacular sights. 

Mojang will be releasing informational videos about each mob type over the course of the week. There are also discussions and full-blown campaign posters over on the Minecraft subreddit, so check that out of you want some help deciding.

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