Minecraft's new mob is a dancing, gift-giving spirit

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The results of this year's fan votes are in, and the Allay has won. A blue, floating winged spirit, the Allay is an overworld mob friendly to players. It likes to dance to the sound of music blocks and, when given a gift, will run off to collect more of that thing to give the player in return. If there's a music block nearby, the Allay will deposit its treasure right there.

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The Allay was the winner of this year's fan new mob vote during Minecraft Live, where it went up against the Bronze Golem and the shadow-hugging Glare. Last year's winner was the Glow Squid. (opens in new tab) 

Also announced at Minecraft Live was the next big update: The Wild (opens in new tab), which will rejuvenate and enrich some of the game's less interesting biomes. There are also frogs and fireflies incoming. (opens in new tab) Finally, Minecraft proper is coming to Xbox Game Pass. (opens in new tab)

You can read more about the Allay on the Minecraft site. (opens in new tab)

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