Minecraft trailer competition could bring your character skin to Minecon


The Hat Films chaps have popped up to offer their subscribers the opportunity to have their Minecraft skin appear in the official trailer for Minecon , which will celebrate bowler hats and all things cuboid when it kicks off in Las Vegas on November 18. If you win the competition you'll get to see your character appear alongside the Hat Films guys, and maybe even blocky versions of team Mojang.

As the walrus says in the video, "We will randomly be selecting subscribers from our Youtube channel and messaging the winners for their Minecraft user names, so that we may tear the skin from your virtual blocky bodies and thrust them upon NPCs in game."

Now all you have to do is immediately change your character skin to Commander Riker , thus ensuring that the Minecon trailer is entirely populated by hordes of Rikers bouncing around the landscape.

Tom Senior

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