Minecraft sells 6 million


"Minecraft has now sold six million copies" said Notch on Twitter earlier today. Another milestone smashed. According to the Minecraft site at the precise moment of writing, 6,001,992 copies have been sold, and 29,894,214 people have registered to the site. A version was released on Xbox recently, which seems to have boosted total Minecraft sales quite a bit. Mojang's Daniel Kaplan estimates that a grand total of 9.2 million copies have been shifted. In short: there are a lot of bros breaking blocks right now.

The game is still growing. Lead developer Jeb recently released an update snapshot to give players an early look at NPC trading and the magical Ender safe. In March, the Financial Times took a look at Mojang's finances and deduced that the company had made a cool $13.5 million in profits during its first fifteen months. It looks like Mojang's success is set to continue. Minecraft is still selling well and, from what we've played Cobalt is shaping up very nicely. Grats to Mojang.

Tom Senior

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