Minecraft makes $80 million in 15 months

PC Gamer UK Minecraft server

The Financial Times report that Minecraft creators, Mojang, have filed their finances in Sweden, declaring $80 million in revenue. With interest, taxation and depreciation deducted, that's $13.5 million on profit in the 15 months since players were able to buy the first alpha build of Minecraft back in October 2010. Just imagine the number of Choc Ices you could buy with that.

Unsurprisingly, Minecraft's creator, Notch, is the main shareholder of the company. The FT say that his $3.7 million dividend has been shared with the rest of Mojang. Minecraft is the only game they've released so far, though they're publishing Cobalt, and are currently working on their fantasy card trading game, Scrolls. Notch has also started work on something new, an open world space trading game inspired by Elite and Firefly . We'll have to wait and see if Mojang can strike gold twice, but adding FIREFLY to ELITE in my brain is setting off some pretty good mental fireworks.

Tom Senior

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