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Minecraft player builds walking death robot

2015-03-30 1731078782028 Lrg

God, finally. For too long, the talented players of Minecraft have been channelling their creativity into positive pursuits. Computers, word processors, all of Westeros—that sort of thing. It's about time some supervillains took the spotlight.

The Colossus is a two-legged walking attack robot, created by 'Cubehamster Innovation'. Its only purpose is destruction, and it achieves this with sequential missile launcher and "double mini-Nuke cannons". It's basically Metal Gear Rex, only made of slime and pistons.

The impressive part is that the Colossus was made without the use of mods or command blocks—the tools that would make a giant death machine a little easier to build and operate. That also explains why its movement is so juddery and limited. Still, restrictions aside, it's bad news for the village in the direct path of this video.

You can download the Colossus here. See this video for operation instructions. This isn't Cubehamster's first death machine. Here's a four-legged dino-bot (also with missiles).

Thanks, Kotaku.

Phil Savage
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