Minecraft Adventure update delayed, will now be patch 1.8

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Previously we brought you news on Minecraft update 1.7, also known as the adventure update, which promised to make Minecraft 'feel more like a game'.

The bad news is that the adventure update has been delayed, but the good news is that version 1.7 will come out on time. Confused? Explanations are inside.

According to The Word of Notch the adventure update "had been growing in scope" and will take "some time to finish" but instead of taking too long between updates he decided to split the update into two. Thus patch 1.8 will now be the adventure update and patch 1.7 will be a smaller update without the 'adventure' aspects.

Here's the information (and speculation) we have on the two updates:

Update 1.7:

Update 1.8:

With Notch previously tweeted that he was enjoying Terraria and 'taking notes' it's possible the adventure update will take some inspiration from the recent indie hit .