Terraria sells 432,000 in one month, hardcore mode revealed

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It's Friday afternoon, statistically the best time of the week to discover shocking new statistics. Today we learn that the 2D mining and exploration game, Terraria, released just a month ago, has sold more than 432,000 copies.

Don't pick your jaw up just yet. Terraria has been in the top ten most played list on Steam for 32 days of the last month. Between 14-32 thousand people play it every day, the game's two trailers have amassed almost two million hits between them.

These are staggering figures for a game that took just four months to make. Terraria's developers released the new stats in a forum post , where they also discuss some of their plans for the next Terraria update.

The hardcore mode is one of the big new features. A hardcore character will be able to travel between worlds and keep his equipment as normal, but if he dies in any world, even multiplayer, he dies forever. The house he has created in his original world will remain, however. If you revisit the house with a new character, you'll find a gravestone outside for your dead hero.

Developer, Blue, mentions a few other upcoming updates.

  • Lighting code has been optimized to increase performance.

  • Servers now hibernate when no players are connected.

  • Bats, Hornets, and Eyeballs no longer enter water.

  • Slimes now float in water.

  • Spam detection is less aggressive.

  • New Item - Hellfire Arrow. (Boom!)

The NPC Guide will also be improved. You'll be able to show him items you've mined, and he'll tell you what recipes you can craft with that item, which could be a godsend for new players who don't know what they need to build a shelter.

Blue also mentions new potions, and character buffs. The last Terraria update added a ton of items, too. Hopefully we'll see even more as Terraria continues to grow. If you're playing Terraria, why not join us on our brand new Terraria servers ? For our verdict on the game, check out our Terraria review .

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