Notch video interview: "We want to make Minecraft feel more like a game"

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Notch, the bearded, hatted creator of Minecraft has been speaking exclusively to PC Gamer about the future of his block building game. You can watch the complete video interview up there. Please don't be too mean to Tim in the comments though. He might appear a little "emotional" but he is suffering from: A) post-E3 exhaustion B) An intense Notch man-crush.

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Over 2.5 million people have bought Minecraft from the official site , but Notch still feels that it's not in a suitable place for release. During E3 last week, the developer told PC Gamer: "Reviewing Minecraft now would be kind of unfair because there are things we want to fix before then... I want to make Minecraft feel more be more like a game – so you can actually win it."

Notch also detailed some of the changes the Minecraft team are testing right now, and hinted at a more refined combat engine: “We're working now on making the combat more fun. We tried implementing a critical hit system, which made it twice as fun all of a sudden. So whenever you're in the air moving down, if you hit something, you get a critical hit.”

We love the idea of refined combat mechanics in Minecraft - especially one that could lend itself to some interesting PVP play. A simple tweak like this would instantly add tactical depth; facing off against an enemy wouldn't just be a case of hammering left mouse. You'd need to perform a well-timed jump before swiping with your weapon to get the full impact.

Imagine the pre-duel dance of death - it's already making me think of Nidhogg a bit. And that can only be a good thing.