Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter raises $4 million in funds to meet all stretch goals

When we last saw Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 , it had launched a Kickstarter campaign and been fully funded before we could write the words down. In the last 31 days, the crowdfunding campaign continued its breakneck pace until it just passed the $4 million mark. Mighty No. 9 has met all of its stretch goals and is now in production for an estimated April 2015 release.

Inafune is one of Japan's most legendary developers, but he couldn't secure the rights to his most iconic character, Mega Man. The titular Mighty No. 9 is a robot named Beck, and he's basically a reimagining of Mega Man character and his abilities, including a reconfigurable robot body that can set up for new skills and weapons. Beck's robot siblings, Mighty No.s 1–8, have been afflicted with a mysterious computer virus that has turned them evil. Beck must take them down and uncover the source of the virus.

For backers, the easy part is over. The game is funded, and now we have to wait for the it to actually get made. Only how long? Twenty months? Oy. I guess I could always find my Game Boy and pass some time with the original.