Win Half-Life 2: Episode 29!

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Attention PC gamers! We've got a giveaway so momentous that it stands to eclipse epochal moments in history going all the way back to the discovery of fire by an unfortunate troglodyte in a lightning storm about one and a half million years ago. In fact, it's so spectacularly massive that it may create a singularity unimagined by even Stephen Hawking at his most fanciful after a fifth of bourbon. What could be so huge? How about this: a magical Steam code that will grant you free, permanent access to Valve's entire catalog —which includes some of the finest PC games ever made—and every game Valve ever will make . That's right: you can win Portal 2 , Dota 2 and even Half-Life 2: Episode 3 .* It's the prize that keeps on giving, year after year!

But wait, that's not all! Click through to see what else, and how to win it!

Update: Winners have been drawn, and notifications are going out. We'll post the list of winners soon!

Update 2: Winners posted!

We're also giving away sweet, shrink-wrapped, aromatic Collector's Editions of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty , Fallout: New Vegas , Civilization V , Mafia II and Plants vs Zombies . That's a total of six fabulous, planet-shattering prizes, all up for grabs. Click here to see them all !

But wait, there's even more! We'll pick a seventh lucky dawg who'll receive a copy of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition ! The giving just won't stop!

So how do you get in on the action? Just “like” us on Facebook , then comment on this post on Facebook (not our comment area below) with a list of the three games you're most looking forward to in 2011 (in order of preference). That's all! (If you're already a fan, just comment with your list.)

On Monday, November 1 at 10am Pacific time, we'll draw seven winners from the comments (with the help of everybody's random friends at,) and contact them via Facebook. Winner #1 gets first choice. (We suspect they'll pick the Valve code.) Winner #2 gets to choose between the remaining prizes, then winner #3 gets to pick, and so on.

This contest is open to US residents only. Sorry, rest of the world! We'd let you enter if The Man would let us.

*Provided the sun doesn't burn out before it's released.

Our winners are:

Michael Hudak : Magic Valve code

Craig Fender: StarCraft II Collector's Edition

Phillip Front: Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition

Jeremy Sanchez: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

Darien Sumner: Civilization V Collector's Edition

Justin Anderson: Mafia II Collector's Edition

Zack Jones: Plants vs Zombies Collector's Edition

Thanks to everyone who entered!


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