Max Payne 3 supported by revamped Rockstar Games Social Club

Max Payne 3 Social Club GFWL

Update: We've taken another look at the new Social Club and realised that it's GfWL implementation doesn't necessary mean that Max Payne 3 will use the software. We've contacted Rockstar to confirm one way or the other.

Rockstar have relaunched their Social Club service in advance of the release of Max Payne 3 on the 1st of June. You can build a customised profile and register in-game multiplayer crews that will carry over from Max Payne 3 to Grand Theft Auto V later in the year. You can also hook the Social Club up to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, for some reason.

There's also a real-time activity feed that keeps you appraised of your friends' in-game progress, much as an activity feed might be expected to do.

The images included in the announcement suggest Max Payne 3 might be a Games for Windows LIVE game on the PC. We've approached Rockstar for confirmation, and if it's true, hopefully it'll be a moderate, functional implementation and not a labyrinth of forced updates and confusion . We hope for this with the optimism of a man diving sideways in slow motion towards a doorframe, trusting that this time - this time - the he'll sail right through and not crumple awkwardly face-first into the wall.

Earlier in the week, Max Payne's backstory got fleshed out by the first issue of the Rockstar/Marvel comic book collaboration. Looking forward to the game? Check out our preview from last month and the PC system requirements to make sure your rig is up to the task.

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