Marvel's Avengers – the cheapest way to get it on PC in Australia

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The Marvel's Avengers release is upon us: it releases on September 4 for PC in Australia, and as you'd expect, pre-orders are available well ahead of that date. While pre-ordering has its risks, those who do so are being offered a few incentives: you'll get access to the game's beta, as well as a "Marvel Legacy Outfit and nameplate." These are being offered by most retailers, including Amazon.

Prices are fairly run-of-the-mill. Amazon and Mighty Ape are neck-and-neck with the best deals, though if you're a Prime member and can take advantage of its free shipping component, Amazon will clearly be the winner. That said, be warned that the game ships on a physical disc: it's not a code-in-a-box deal like most bricks and mortar stores are resorting to nowadays. 

In the digital realm, Steam and Green Man Gaming are the only options at present: GOG, Epic Games Store and Fanatical aren't selling the game, at least before launch.

As always, do let us know in the comments below if you see any better deals than this. The prices below are all pre-order prices and may change at any time:

Amazon - AU$79 (physical box only)
Mighty Ape - AU$79 (physical box only)
The Gamesmen - AU$88 (physical box only)
Steam - AU$89.95
Green Man Gaming - AU$89.95
EB Games - AU$89.95 (physical box only)

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