Mafia 3 trailer shows stealth, shootouts and sabotage

While the latest Mafia 3 shorts have focused on logistics, profiles and politics, there’s nothing quite like seeing it all come together in motion. The latest trailer to emerge from Hangar 13 and 2K’s epic crime affair showcases over a quarter of an hour of stealthing, shooting, and, um, throwing mob bosses from top floor skyscraper windows—as protagonist Lincoln Clay is wont to do.  

Not only do we get treated to some furious firefighting and stealthy vehicle swiping, though, the gameplay snippet below kicks off with Clay cruising down the iconic Bayou marshlands—one of the ten districts we'll have the chance to explore in the main game. Stick on yer shades and check out that lovely sunset. 

But of course Lincoln can’t relax for too long, because there’s a bald-headed underboss needing seen to and he’s the only man for the job. As you can see above, he's required to tool-up if he's to take down Tony Darazio’s army of diligent delinquents before facing up to the top dog himself. That doesn’t end very well for the latter, clearly, to which the bemused suited chap at the end of the trailer says: “I still don’t know how the hell Lincoln got out of that hotel.”

I’m not quite sure either, but I guess we’ll find out for sure next Friday, October 7, when Mafia 3 lands. In the meantime, catch up with Samuel’s thoughts after going hands-on earlier this month.