Mafia 3 goes behind the scenes with the Marcano crime family

This time next month, Lincoln Clay will go head-to-head with New Bordeaux’s most underhanded adversaries—the Marcano crime family. We’ve already been given a brief glimpse as to what they’re all about, however the latest developer-led short takes a deeper dive into the workings of Mafia 3’s central antagonists. 

Headed by crime boss Sal Marcano, we learn that the top man runs the game’s faux New Orleans setting with similar autonomy to how Sam Rothstein oversees Vegas in Scorsese’s Casino. 

“He has a relationship with Leo, who you may remember from Mafia 2,” says Bill Harms, number three’s lead writer. “He kicks up to [The Commission] but they pretty much give him carte blanche to run the city however he sees fit. The one thing that they do ask of him is that he basically accepts anyone they send him, so it’s kind of a dumping ground for mobsters which is also how Vito ends up there.”

Vito and Sal might be the least of Lincoln’s worries, though, as the trailer goes on to discuss the mob boss’ “most important relationship”—the one he shares with his temperamental and unpredictable son Georgie, who he’s grooming to eventually take control of the city. There’s definitely a bit of a Tony Soprano-Chrissy Moltisanti vibe about how the two operate, which sounds a bit terrifying. 

“[Georgie] is the person Sal trusts more than anybody else,” explains studio head Haden Blackman. “Georgie is young, he’s ambitious. His plans and desires don’t necessarily line up 100 percent with his father’s, but, at the end of the day, this is a game about family and about loyalty. We put that to the test with Lincoln but also with Georgie as well.” 

Mafia 3 is due October 7.