Mafia 3 trailer explains how to make and manage money in New Bordeaux

Before now, much of the developer-led trailers coming out of Hangar 13 and 2K’s incoming open-world crime fest Mafia 3 have centred around the game’s cast. We’ve learned about ex-vet Lincoln Clay, the Marcano Crime family, Irish Syndicate front man Thomas Burke, and shifty ally Cassandra, however the latest Inside Look short explores something more on the practical side: making money. 

Which, when you’re a retired soldier-cum-serial criminal hot on the heels of an organised crime initiative, is pretty important, right? Part-time bar work probably won’t cut it and there’s more money to be made in establishing racket crews and hiring cash deposit Consiglieres anyway. Look, see: 

“Lincoln can earn money in a variety of different ways,” says executive producer Andy Wilson. “Everything from just taking out individual gangsters, you’ll get a money boost from that, to actually unpicking the process of unpicking the crime ecosystem in the city. Districts in the city are built up of criminal rackets and as Lincoln takes those down he gets tip-offs on high-value targets.”

The games lets you interrogate gangsters in order to find out where said high-value rackets are, adds Wilson, allowing you to get the jump on their stash. Naturally, taking rackets nets you cash windfalls—something you can add to by recruiting racket bosses. À la Vice City, the rackets Lincoln controls generate cash over time, which grants him access to extra supplies, hardware and upgrades. 

“As Lincoln goes through the game, obviously picking up money, he stores it in his wallet,” adds Wilson. “But if you were to die at some point then you’d lose a significant chunk of that cash. We have a service through one of the under bosses, called Consigliere, so you can call this driver in who comes and picks up money from you and then stores it in a safe location. You want to keep doing that throughout the game so that when you die you’re not going to lose all of your money.”

Mafia 3 is due October 7—make sure your system requirements are in check before then.