Mafia 3 gets free demo alongside Faster Baby! DLC

Against last year's catalogue of wonderful games, Mafia 3 was a disappointment. As Andy detailed in his review, a promising start was quickly marred by repetitive missions—which was a shame given its Civil Rights Movement narrative was interesting, its soundtrack was stellar, and its faux-New Orleans setting was at times gorgeous. If you were put off splashing out by any of this at launch, then you might be pleased to hear Mafia 3 now has a free demo which boasts its entire opening act. 

Again, it's worth noting that Mafia 3's opening act—a thrilling bank heist sequence—is easily one of its highlights, so bear this in mind if you do feel like opening your wallet once it's done. If you do, though, all saves are transferable into the full article. To mark the occasion, 2K and Hangar 13 have launched a new trailer: 

In other Mafia 3-related news, its latest premium DLC—Faster, Baby!—is out now. "Whether you’ve already taken down the Marcano crime family, or you’re still new to town, the streets of Mafia III have more stories to tell," explains the add-on's Steam page blurb. "The Faster, Baby! DLC is ready to roll—and with it come a number of game enhancements, gear, new vehicles to add to your fleet. And, of course, there’s the story of small town corruption choking Sinclair Parish. It’s up to Lincoln Clay and Roxy Laveau to do something about it."

With that, Faster, Baby! introduces a new part of town in Sinclair Parish—a rural township with its "fill of Hollywood-caliber car chases". Players can now activate slow motion, adding an extra layer of movie-like veneer to driving and vehicular combat, and a new story segment that runs parallel to the main game explores the murder of a civil rights leader. To top this off, new combat mechanics and proximity mines are "perfectly suited for causing destruction on-the-go," so says 2K

Here's some of that in moving picture form: 

Head this way for Mafia 3's free demo, and over here to learn more about its Faster, Baby! DLC—the latter of which costs £11.99/$14.99 on Steam.