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Lords of the Fallen Pumpkin Patch - Wearing the Pumpskin Mask
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The new Lords of the Fallen Pumpkin Patch event sees you travelling around Mournstead in search of Umbral pumpkins this spooky season. You can Soul Flay these special collectibles, and once you gather them all, you'll have a chance to fight a secret boss and get the limited-time Pumpskin Mask helmet.

Before you can start gathering the pumpkins, though, you'll have to defeat The Hushed Saint boss, since the aforementioned Pumpkin Patch where you'll fight the secret boss is located in his arena. The pumpkins are pretty well spread throughout the game and they are all located in the Umbral

That said, here's each pumpkin location in Lords of the Fallen and how to summon the secret seasonal boss.

Abandoned Redcopse

The first pumpkin is hidden in the village of Abandoned Redcopse. From the Vestige of Marco the Axe, follow the path down into the village itself until you reach the central square with the big tree and the hanging bodies. The pumpkin is just to the left in a ruined house with some destructible boxes, a cross-wielding enemy, and an Avowed soldier corpse with arrows in it.

Skyrest Bridge

This one is located in the crypt where you find the Tortured Prisoner after grabbing the Skyrest Bridge Key. Head down the spiral stairs to the bottom level, where you'll find a metal grate straight ahead of you. Switch to the Umbral and pass through the grate to find the pumpkin in a side chamber.

Forsaken Fen

This one is close to where you find Kukajin for the first time. After you've unlocked the Vestige of Valade shortcut, head through the door into the area with the big bonfire, but before you drop down, switch to the Umbral and climb up the ladder on your left. Continue on, watching out for the Shuja warriors, to find the pumpkin in front of a plague doctor enemy facing some burning wreckage.

Pilgrim's Perch

This pumpkin is available after you defeat The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity boss and reach the top of Pilgrim's Perch. From the Vestige of Ferrers the Charred, take the lift back down to the perch, then once the enemies are dealt with, climb the ladder to your left. By the bridge between the two platforms, you'll spot the pumpkin just underneath the opposite platform. Stand on the beam between them to reach it.

Fief of the Chill Curse

This pumpkin is available after you defeat the Hollow Crow boss in the Fief of the Chill Curse. From the Vestige of Loash, head through the arena, down the ladder, and along the battlements towards the Fief beacon tower. Once inside, climb down the ladder, and exit out next to a river. Switch to the Umbral to make the river disappear and follow the riverbed left until you get to a barrier you can Soul Flay open. Now immediately turn right and follow the alley to find the pumpkin next to a body.

The Hushed Saint

The final pumpkin is in The Hushed Saint's boss arena, but in order to see this one you have to wear the boss's armour set you can purchase from Molhu, namely:

  • Hushed Saint's Armour
  • Hushed Saint's Gauntlets
  • Hushed Saint's Trousers

These should cost 20 Umbral Scourings altogether, but luckily you'll have gathered a few extra while collecting the previous pumpkins. It's easy to find the last pumpkin since it's in its very own pumpkin patch surrounded by a wooden fence and gate. Before you Soul Flay it, make sure you're ready for a boss fight.

How to beat Spirit of the Bleak Season

Collecting the last pumpkin will spawn the Spirit of the Bleak Season boss. This one isn't too hard since it's got the exact same moveset as one of those Umbral reaper enemies. Simply keep it at a distance to bait out its attacks, and chip it down, being wary of the curse it applies that prevents you from healing for brief periods. Adding some Holy Salts to your weapon will also help with damage.

Once you've defeated it, you'll get the Pumpskin Mask helmet which, besides looking grim as hell, boosts item discovery rate, plus the Eerie armour tinct.

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