How to free the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Tortured Prisoner
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The Tortured Prisoner is one of the more mysterious NPCs you'll encounter in Lords of Fallen. While exploring the wooden walkways under the entrance to Pilgrim's Perch, you might have found the Skyrest Bridge Key and used it to unlock a hidden crypt under the bridge itself. You can find the Tortured Prisoner sitting forgotten in a cell on the upper level.

If you try to speak to her she'll merely mumble gibberish, and there's seemingly no way to open the door and let her out. While she might seem relatively unimportant, the Tortured Prisoner is actually the game's pyromancy vendor, so if you want to burn bosses and enemies, freeing her should be a priority. All that said, here's how to get the Tortured Prisoner out of her cage in Lords of the Fallen.

How to free the Tortured Prisoner

As mentioned, you can only get to the Tortured Prisoner once you have the Skyrest Bridge Key and have used it to open the hidden crypt underneath the bridge. If you head up the big spiral staircase from the crypt, you'll find the Tortured Prisoner in a cell. To free them, you'll need to head back down the stairs to the statue-lined causeway at the crypt entrance.

Switch to the umbral realm and you'll spot a ladder off to the side of the causeway, leading up to where an umbral entity is blocking a doorway. To get rid of it, you'll need to find three corpses hidden around the room and use the umbral lamp to Soulflay them. 

Here's where they are:

  • The first corpse is just to the right of the platform with the umbral entity that you can climb the ladder to.
  • The second corpse is in the central part of the crypt if you look up and to the left after exiting the causeway.
  • The third corpse is down to the side of the causeway. There's a ladder leading down to a platform opposite it, but you can't quite reach the corpse from there. Instead, stand on the higher-up platform on the other side and use Soul Flay to pull the platform closer. You can then drop down onto it and Soul Flay the corpse.

Once all three are done, the umbral entity will disappear, revealing another corpse you can Soulflay to get the Searing Accusation spell casting item. Now, head back to see the Tortured Prisoner and give her the item. The next time you rest at a vestige, she'll move, leaving her cell empty except for the Tortured Prisoner's Head Cage helmet.

You can now find the Tortured Prisoner at the entrance to Pieta's boss arena, where she'll sell you pyromancy spells and an Inferno Catalyst. If you bring her the Giant Eyeball after defeating the Spurned Progeny boss in Calrath, she'll also return the Searing Accusation casting item that you gave to her earlier, though she will then move to the boss arena instead. 

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