Where to find the Skyrest Bridge Key in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Skyrest Bridge Key - Crypt door
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The Skyrest Bridge Key is one of the first you can grab in Lords of the Fallen, though it can be quite easy to miss if you don't know where to look. And it'd be a shame if you did miss it, since this key unlocks a secret area hidden below Skyrest Bridge, containing some decent items and the game's pyromancy spell vendor.

On the way there, you can also grab some pretty great weapons, and it opens the way into some other side parts of the Skyrest Bridge area. So, here's the Skyrest Bridge Key location and how to get there, along with where to find the door to the secret crypt.

Skyrest Bridge Key location

To get the Skyrest Bridge Key, you'll need to travel along the underside of the wooden platforms by the entrance to Pilgrim's Perch, before you reach the Scourged Sister Delyth boss. From the Vestige of Chabui in the Sanctuary, you need to: 

  • Run back outside and down the stairs, dealing with the enemies as you go, and smash through the wooden boxes on the right to open a path.
  • Keep going past the two pilgrims firing spells at you to the far end of the platform and take the two ladders down to the lower walkway.
  • Follow the walkway, looking out for enemies hiding on your left side, jump across the hanging platforms, and keep going until you reach a covered section with a lift and a lever nearby.
  • Take the lift up and follow the stairs down until you reach a bridge. Before turning right onto the bridge, look left to see the door to the crypt—this is where you'll use the Skyrest Bridge Key once you have it.
  • Run along the bridge to the far end. Halfway across you'll find a memory on the right, so feel free to switch to the umbral realm to grab it, then use the statue at the far end to return to the real world.
  • Look right at the end of the bridge to see a lower platform with an item. You'll need to raise the umbral lamp to reveal a path travelling above it, walk out onto it with the lamp raised, before lowering it to drop onto the platform below.

After this, I suggest switching to the umbral realm. Head across the bone bridge and use the lamp's Soulflay to open the bridge on the opposite side, watching out for the enemies that spawn behind you. It's worth noting that if you climb the ladder just ahead and to the right, you can find the Crimson Rector Sword weapon, though it's close to one of those flying umbral creatures.

Otherwise, make a beeline left along another bridge to find a corpse you can Soulflay to get the key. As soon as you do this, one of those grim reaper umbral enemies appears, so unless you want to fight it, continue along the bridge to find a statue that'll let you escape the Umbral. Key in hand, you can now unlock the crypt and get all its items. On the lower level, you'll find the Descrier Guide Armor and the Princess' Sting amulet in the Umbral. 

On the upper floor is the Tortured Prisoner—who'll sell you pyromancy spells if you free her—a memory you can Soulflay for some Umbral Scourings, and a side passage in the Umbral containing some vigor skulls and a throwing javelin. There's also a door leading back into the main section of Skyrest Bridge.

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