How to respec in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen respec - Spurned Progeny boss
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Puzzling out how to respec in Lords of the Fallen is one of those classic Soulslike challenges, as you run around Mournstead looking for whatever mysterious item will let you reallocate your stat points. You may have noticed when you first talked to Pieta in Skyrest Bridge, that she has a Reset Build option in her dialogue window that's greyed out.

If you want to take advantage of this service then yes, you will have to find a special item. Luckily for you, the first is quite close to home, though it will set you back in terms of vigor. If you're struggling in Mournstead, there's no harm looking up some tips, or perhaps you just need some better weapons? Whatever the case, here's how to respec in Lords of the Fallen. 

How to reset build in Lords of the Fallen

When you first arrive at Skyrest Bridge and speak to Pieta, you can see that she has the Reset Build option in her dialogue menu. However, you'll first need to find a special itemto actually undertake the process. This item is the Rebirth Chrysalis, and just like the Larval Tears that govern respec in Elden Ring, there are a limited number of these items in the world. 

You can purchase your first from Molhu in the Umbral version of Skyrest Bridge for 8,000 vigor. If you haven't met Molhu yet, he's just up the stairs next to Pieta, and provides other services such as boss weapons. Take your Rebirth Chrysalis back to Pieta, and you can change up your build.

Rebirth Chrysalis locations

Winterberry is the next vendor who sells a Rebirth Chrysalis after Molhu (Image credit: CI Games)

There are four Rebirth Chrysalis items that you can either buy or find in the world in Lords of Fallen:

  • Purchase one from Molhu in Skyrest Bridge.
  • Purchase one from Winterberry in the Revelation Depths. After you defeat the Skintaker boss, don't head up the lift, since this will cause Byron to kill Winterberry to get Catrin's Pendant back. Instead, use the Drainage Control Key you got to lower the water level in the cistern, allowing you to gain access to the depths where this vendor is located.
  • Find one as world loot in the Fief of the Chill Curse area.
  • Find one as world loot in the Tower of Penance area.

You can also purchase an infinite number from the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in the Umbral near where Molhu is. Once tier two has been reached through overall community contributions, you'll be able to buy as many Rebirth Chrysalis as you want, though they'll cost a hefty 250 Plucked Eyeballs a pop. 

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