Look at what EA has done to Command & Conquer

A new Command & Conquer game was announced at E3 2018 today! But wait, before we proceed, take that excitement down a notch.

Now take it down another notch.

It's a mobile game. It's called Command & Conquer Rivals and it's coming out on iOS and Android. If you're curious a pre-alpha will be available on Google Play for Android today.

The game was demoed on stage with a duel between pros nickatnyte and iNcontroL. It involves moving units quite slowly to control hexes so you can launch a nuke at your opponent's base. You can see a few in-game snippets tucked away within the largely unrepresentative trailer above.

It could be fun, maybe? But it's a far cry from the series return we would love to see. The Red Alert campaign is one of the best RTS singleplayer campaigns ever made. I guess we can go back and relive a time when Kane didn't look like a cracked clone of Walter White.

Tom Senior

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