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Logitech's updated G502 SE Hero mouse is just $30 right now

Logitech G502 Special Edition Hero deal
(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech has a lot of mice, so you'd be forgiven for getting some of them confused. The G502 Special Edition Hero is an updated version of the G502 Hero, with a slightly-changed color scheme and a lower price. Now you can get the mouse for just $29.99, a drop of $5 from the previous cost and an all-time low.

This is a wired mouse featuring Logitech's 16K sensor, 11 customizable buttons, adjustable weights, and programmable RGB lighting with Logitech's desktop software. Compared to the original G502 Hero, this model has white accents instead of black, and it's less expensive.

While we haven't reviewed this Special Edition, given the modest changes we expect it would perform the same as the previous model. We gave the G502 Hero an 82/100 for its excellent performance and great scroll wheel. One of the more unique features of this mouse is that you can click the center wheel right and left, which is only two of the 11 total programmable buttons. Also, for a heavy mouse (121 grams) it glides well, so avid FPS players might be pleasantly surprised that it performs just as well as a lighter mouse.

Logitech G502 SE Hero | $29.99 ($5 off)
The cheaper version of Logitech's popular G502 Hero gaming mouse is $5 below the usual price. The sale is also live at Newegg, if you prefer to buy from there.View Deal

If you'd like something lighter or with a different button layout, check out out list of the year's best gaming mice for some inspiration. We've got some wireless options, too.

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