LG introduces flexible, stretchable screens

LG Flexible screen
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Screen technology is always zooming ahead, with rival companies working to develop the newest and best panels. Whether we're seeking deeper, darker blacks, higher resolutions, faster frame rates, there's always something better to strive for in the world of displays. While reaching for the incremental stars is nice, what's far more fun is the weirder displays.

Some weird screens seem a bit impractical like the new keyboard screen from Finalmouse, but are still without a doubt very fun. Others like Corsair's upcoming bendy screen make a tonne of sense. Being able to go from flat screen work to curved screen immersive gaming on the fly is a great idea, that might even be worth paying the price for. 

Thankfully, screens are likely to keep getting even weirder with this new stretchable display shown off by LG. If you thought the bend on the Corsair was a little lacklustre, get ready to to see some real flexible freedom. These screens don't just bend within a frame, and can be twisted, distorted, and even folded without taking any damage.

It works by using a special type of silicon used in contact lenses to make a sort of film. This gives it properties similar to a rubber band in stretchiness, meaning the screen can be pulled from 12-inches out to 14. LG boasts that it can suffer plenty of changes to its form and still bounce back thanks to a new wired structure underneath. 

Screen queens

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Unfortunately, these aren't going to be PC gaming screens any time soon, as they're currently limited to a 12-inch size. Still a high-resolution full RGB screen that can be stretched by 20 percent is pretty neat. It could be an absolute game changer for smaller devices like phones, portable gaming, and maybe even VR. 

With foldable phones currently charging forward in the market this kind of tech can only push those innovations forward. Not to mention wearables. There's even talk of attaching it to things like automobiles and aircraft. 

It has me hopeful for the revival of something like the Nokia Morph, a concept for a wearable shown off by the company back in 2008. It had a flexible screen that allowed you to take your phone and wrap it around your wrist, and rocked original Xbox aesthetics. It was just a dream at the time, but with flexible screens coming along nicely, maybe we'll finally see something of its ilk.

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