Where to find Knotroot in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite knotroot - two lego figures are inside a cave. One is holding a pickaxe and the other is holding a sword and a torch
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Finding Knotroot in Lego Fortnite is vital if you want to upgrade various items past a certain stage. As with any self-respecting survival game, you'll progress through different types of materials to make stronger tools, to harvest better resources, and Epic's spin on the genre is no different.

You can find Knotroot almost immediately but you can't actually harvest it until you've upgraded your axe. You'll need to find a roller to upgrade your workbench first, so there's no sense in worrying about gathering better wood until you've got the tools you need. So without further ado, here's where to find and how to gather Knotroot in Lego Fortnite. 

Lego Fortnite Knotroot: Where to find it 

If you can find a cave, you can find Knotroot. Your world in Lego Fortnite is procedurally generated, however, so I can't direct you to the nearest one—you'll have to do some exploring yourself. Oddly, the first one I found was on the top of a hill, with large rocks surrounding the entrance, which is what made me investigate in the first place. 

Before you venture inside, you'll need an uncommon axe to harvest it, so make sure to upgrade your workbench once to be able to craft one.

Once inside the cave, the Knotroot should be easy to spot. It looks exactly like you'd expect—a gnarled, misshapen root, sticking out of the dirt of the cave wall. The cave I found had loads of the stuff but also, plenty of skeletons guarding it. While they're easy to deal with alone or in pairs, it's easy to get ambushed inside a cave so it's worthwhile bringing along a companion, or grouping up with a friend so you don't get overwhelmed.

Once you've gathered the Knotroot you need, you can head back to your camp and fire up the lumber mill to make a start on those upgrades.

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