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Layers of Fear 2 revealed, set to come out next year

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Project Méliès was teased in March as the codename for the next project in the works at Bloober Team—which is a surprising name for the developer of games including Layers of Fear and Observer. (Seriously, who calls a horror game studio "Bloober Team?") Today publisher Gun Media rolled out a teaser revealing that the "new masterpiece" behind Méliès is actually Layers of Fear 2. 

The teaser is just about the only information we have about the new game at this point, although it does suggest that the experience will be at least thematically similar to the original. In that game, you play as a tortured artist struggling to complete his magnum opus while his sanity unravels; in the new game, you'll apparently play an actor who might be dealing with similar issues. 

And you're not wrong if you think that narrator's voice sounds familiar: It's Tony Todd, one of the most recognizable "that guy" actors in the business and probably best known for playing the title character in the Candyman horror films. 

The trailer indicates that Layers of Fear 2 will be out this year, but the website at says 2019. Given that we're a week away from Halloween and just getting confirmation of the title, I'd guess that the latter is correct. 

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