Killing Floor 2's Summer Sideshow event starts tomorrow, kicking off a free week

Tripwire announced the The Killing Floor 2 'Summer Sideshow' event today at the PC Gaming Show. The seasonal event will include a new map, Tragic Kingdom, complete with carnival games, as well as "over 50 cosmetic items" to unlock. Watch the trailer above to see how the Zeds have transformed.

Also coming is a new game type called The Weekly Outbreak which introduces a new challenge every week, such as a headshots-only mode—and beating one of the challenges unlocks a precious item. There are two months worth of Outbreaks planned, says creative director Bill Munk.

The Summer Sideshow will be out tomorrow, and Killing Floor 2 will be free to play for a week—with a discount for anyone who decides to buy it during that time.

Check out this post for more from The PC Gaming Show at E3 2017. You can watch the show live on Twitch, and catch up on all the news from this year's show right here.  

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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